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    Welcome to the Department of Business Administration in Kozani.

    Our department is situated in the town of Kozani on the campus of the TEI of West Macedonia and features modern infrastructure and labs. Administratively, it comes under the School of Administration and Economy of the TEI of West Macedonia.

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    Since 1985, our department has educated executives for the demanding world of businesses and labour market using contemporary knowledge and skills that are continuously being updated to keep up with the developments in the Economics and the market needs. 




    The undergraduate studies last eight semesters. During the last semester, our students work on salary at businesses and organizations of either the private or the public sector. There are two undergraduate study divisions offered to our students at the 5th semester of their studies. The divisions offered are

    • Business Administration 
    • Marketing

    Our graduates successfully work on the financial side both of the private and the public sector as management executives. Moreover, many of them attend postgraduate courses in Greece and abroad.

    Furthermore, our department offers an especially popular Postgraduate Course in Business Administration (MBA) in collaboration with the Ternopil National Economic University (Ukraine) with courses offered both in Kozani and Kastoria, and a Master course on «Petroleum oil and gas management and transportation » in collaboration with the State Economic University of Azerbaijan.


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